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  The Squad

There are three divisions to competitive cheerleading, cheer, stunt and dance. RH TomCats compete in every division and have six amazing teams. This section explains a bit more about each division, our training, the club and the teams which currently make up the squad.



Competitive cheer routines are comprised of stunts, dance, jumps and tumbling therefore combining all divisions of cheerleading and more. We have two competitive squads, each is comprised of approximately 25 members. In the past two years, RH Tom Cats Cheer Squad has gone from strength to strength. Jess Quiligotti is Captain of the RH Tom Cats and is responsible for choreographing routines and coaching the squad. The squad competes in the cheer division at regional, national and international competitions hosted by BCA and Future Cheer. Cheer routines have it all and are fun to watch. RH Tom Cats have won three 1st Place trophies this year alone in the cheer division, proving their ability to perform to a high standard.

CURRENT TEAMS: All-Girl and Co-ed





A stunt team is composed of 5 cheerleaders who perform a 1 minute 30 second

routine composed of just stunts including baskets, inversions and transitions. 

RH Tom Cats co-ed stunt team achieved the squads first 1st Place trophy this

year at Level 4 and the cheer and dance teams went on to claim first place in

their divisions too! The stunt team also won the senior highest basket toss

competition at BCA Midland Classic 2009. Being on a stunt team requires a high

level of stamina and discipline but the outcome is a truly crowd pleasing routine.

RH Tom Cats stunt team performs with confidence and will leave you wondering

how did they do that?!

CURRENT TEAMS: All-Girl and Co-ed